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Horus of egypt - briketter og kostumer for horus by Perl Critic

We will be focusing on many of the most famous archaelogical monoments like the temple of Ramses II, Pyramids of Giza and the Sphynx, The Acropolis of Athens and the Colosseum which are all some great examples of archaeology which most people have heard of.
Especially ancient Egypt is one of the most popular traveling locations for tourists interested in history and archaeology, the great pyramids,the mighty pharaohs and their ancient gods are just something people never tire of and is still very used in both cinema and literature. Most archaeology students have also spend a large part of their education in this country studying many of the well known sites and digs they have been reading about in their many text books.

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In addition to the well known monoments, sites and digs will be also be looking into some of the new findings for the most recent archaeological sites from all over the world. Publishing the various raports of well known archaeologists and otherwise keeping you up to date with the lastes and most exciting in archaelogical from egypt, briketter, syria, peru and europe. Contradiction to what people believe, there is still a lot of ancient artifacts and grand monoments which is still undiscovered and just waiting to be found. We have only search a few percentage of the world, and there is plenty of room where other amazing things could be hiding waiting to be digged up and shown to the world.

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Just like you can see here on this site about tegl and nyt tag used in ancient archaeological houses and buildings over at nyt tag where you find examples of ancient architecture from the earliest of days. The magazine brænde og briketter, have recent posted a new article on how archaeologist, have found new ways of analysing the earth. Se more here on Brænde og Briketter.

Currently we are waiting on some new reviews of the cool new museum exhibit which are opening next week in New York, we got a guy already getting a preview of what you can expect there and we will keep you updated here on this archaeology website once it goes live.